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Get up to date,

stay up to date.

Immunizations are important. Staying up to date on routine immunizations helps you, your family, and your community stay healthy and prevent serious diseases.

  1. Who needs immunizations?
  2. I have questions about immunizations
  3. Where can I get my family immunized?
  4. Where can I get my family’s immunization records?

Who needs immunizations?

I have questions about immunizations

As a parent, you want to make the best decisions to protect your child—staying informed will help. Your questions are important, and you deserve reliable information to support your decisions.

Check out these resources to learn more:

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Where can I get my
family immunized?

For families with health insurance (including Medi-Cal), all or most of the cost of vaccines is usually covered. As insurance may vary, ask your health plan or doctor's office if there are any fees.

Find out more about where to get immunized
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Where can I get
my family's

The Digital Vaccine Record (DVR) portal allows you to readily access your or your children’s immunization records and can be used as proof of immunization for school/childcare entry or work. Your DVR can also be printed. You may also continue to use other types of records as proof of immunization, such as a digital or paper record from your healthcare provider or pharmacy.

It is possible that some or all vaccine doses you received were not reported to the California Immunization Registry (CAIR), and therefore your DVR may not be complete. If your family’s immunization records are incomplete, here are a few other places to find immunization records.

Don’t Wait. Vaccinate to help protect yourself and your loved ones.

Page Last Updated: November 03, 2023

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