More information for WIC families on infant formula availability can be found at the California WIC Infant Formula Availability webpage. General guidance and information for California families about the shortages can be found at the California Department of Public Health Infant Formula webpage.


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Can Buy |Brands, types, and sizes listed below, organic and twin-packs allowed.

Soy Image
Can Buy

8th Continent Soymilk

8th Continent Soymilk Original

 Half gallon

Great Value Soymilk Original

 Half gallon

Pacific Ultra Soy

Pacific Ultra Soy Original


Silk Soymilk

Silk Soymilk Original

 Half gallon and Quart


WESTSOY Organic Plus Soymilk Plain


Helpful Hint

If you are interested in buying soy and/or tofu, talk with WIC staff.

Cannot Buy
  • Any other brand, type, size, or flavor of soy
  • Light, lowfat, fat free, or nonfat soy
  • Unsweetened soy

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