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Infant Cereal
Can Buy | Brands and types listed below in 8 oz or 16 oz container.

Infant Cereal Image
Can Buy

Beech-Nut InfantCereal


 Oatmeal and Organic Oatmeal
 Multigrain and Organic Multigrain
 Rice Single Grain

Early On Infant Cereal

Early On


Earth's Best Cereal

Earth's Best Organic

 Whole Grain Oatmeal
 Whole Grain Multi-Grain
 Whole Grain Rice

Gerber Infant Cereal


 Oatmeal and Organic Oatmeal
 Whole Wheat
 Rice and Organic Rice

Mom's Choice Baby Food Cereal

Mom's Choice


Yummy Naturals Cereal

Yummy Naturals


Cannot Buy
  • Any other brand, type, or size of infant cereal
  • Infant cereal with added ingredients, such as DHA, probiotics, formula, milk, fruits, vegetables, sugars, or sweeteners (artificial, reduced-calorie, or no-calorie)

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