WIC will provide services and enroll families if there is a federal government shutdown. Families should keep using WIC benefits and attend their WIC appointments. Visit WIC’s webpage on the shutdown for updates and information.

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WIC Videos

Welcome to WIC

“Welcome to WIC” is a short 5:15 minute video. It tells you about many of the services WIC offers. Welcome to WIC!

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WIC Foods

“WIC Foods” is a 5:46 minute video. It gives an overview of the WIC foods that you can buy with your WIC Card. The video also reviews the CA WIC Shopping Guide.

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Fruits and Vegetables

“Fruits and Vegetables” is a 1:44 minute video. It tells you about the Fruit and Vegetable Cash value benefit and how to use this benefit to buy fruits and vegetables.

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Foods for Infants and Moms Who Breastfeed

“Foods for Infants and Moms who Breastfeed” is a 3:54 minute video. It tells you about the foods infants get and the extra food benefits that moms get who are fully breastfeeding.

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Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

“Know Your Rights and Responsibilities” is a 7:03 minute video. It explains your rights and responsibilities as a WIC participant. After watching the video, if you have questions, please talk to your WIC counselor.

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Your California WIC Card

The California WIC Card makes shopping fast and easy. Take a look at this instructional video to find out more:

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CA WIC Customer Service

In-Person Tel: 1-800-852-5770
Email: WIC@cdph.ca.gov

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