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Peanut Butter
Can Buy | Any brand in 16 oz – 18 oz container. Plain, regular, low sodium, or low sugar.

Peanut Butter Image
Can Buy
  • Any texture, such as creamy, smooth, crunchy, chunky, super crunchy, or super chunky
  • Old fashioned or natural is allowed
Helpful Hint
Cannot Buy
  • Any other size, type, or flavor of peanut butter
  • Honey nut roasted peanut butter
  • “Grind your own” peanut butter
  • Peanut butter spread
  • Lowfat or reduced fat peanut butter
  • Peanut butter with added ingredients, such as jams, jellies, chocolate, marshmallows, or honey
  • Peanut butter with added supplements, such as omega-3-fatty acids or flax seed
  • Peanut butter with artificial, reduced-calorie, or no-calorie sweeteners
  • Organic peanut butter

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