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Can Buy | Any brand in 16 oz package of pasteurized and made in the USA cheese in the varieties listed below. Regular, low sodium, low fat, reduced fat, or nonfat.

Cheese Image
Can Buy

Block or round:

Cheddar Cheese
  • Orange, yellow, or white
  • Mild, medium, sharp, or longhorn
Colby Cheese Jack Cheese Marbled or blends of authorized cheeses,
such as Colby-Jack or Cheddarella Mozzarella cheese

Individually wrapped sticks:

Mozzarella string cheese String Cheese Image
Cannot Buy
  • Any other variety, size, or texture of cheese
  • Diced, grated, sliced, crumbled, or shredded cheese
  • Cheese purchased from or sliced at the deli
  • Cheese with added ingredients, such as hot peppers or spices
  • Organic cheese

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